Evaluation Module

NM500's photo

The NeuroShield is an evaluation board featuring one NM500 chip ready to interface to a FPGA via an 28-pin input/output bus. It has been designed to enable academic and research teams to get a quick perception of the NM500 chip’s simplicity of deployment, speed and low-power consumption.
The NM500 chip is the sole active on-board component. It can learn and recognize digital patterns in real-time. The output pins of the NM500 continually report the category recognized by the neurons.
NeuroBrick is ideal to stackable hardware platform featuring an expandable neural network.


  • NM500 chip (576 neurons)
  • FPGA for interconnection
  • 6-axis Motion Sensor
  • Size : 80 X 53.3 X 19.5 [mm]


  • Arduino compatibility
  • MBED compatibility
  • SD card slot
  • USB connector
  • Brick connector


  • Patented parallel architecture with 576 neurons
  • Stackable NM500s brick system
  • Vector Data : up to 256 Bytes
  • 8LEDs indication
  • 6-axis Gyroscope & Accelerometer

Block Diagram

Hardware Specification

  • Power Input : 5V (Orange Board or USB)
  • AI : NM500(Internal)
  • Indicater : 8-LED
  • FPGA : LCMXO3LF-1300E-6MG121I(Lattice)
  • Opt : NM500 or CM1K(Extention Board)
  • Board Control : PC or OrangeBoard(Arduino)
  • Sensor : 6-axis Gyroscope & Accelerometer
  • Sensor : 6-axis Gyroscope & Accelerometer (MPU6050)

How it works