Practical Artificial Intelligence Enabler
nepes Neuromorphic chip NM500

Simple and easy to understand
A powerful way to build intelligence for your devices and solutions

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Hardware neurons inspired by biology

  • Field Trainable

    Learn on the chip, or load models previously learned
  • Real Time

    Recognize patterns in micro-seconds regardless of the number of neurons
  • Energy Efficient

    100,000 recognitions per second and less than milliwatts for 576 neurons
  • Knowledge Exchange

    Quick exchange of the knowledge

Easy way to make your
device and application smarter

Perform analytics and knowledge generation at your device or the edge.
Make a local decision and share the knowledge with others

  • analyzing
    sensory data
  • building
    the knowledge
  • making decision
    and controlling
  • sharing and
    the knowledge

Smart Device, IoT and Edge Computing

Imagine millions of artificially intelligent device

Pattern recognition / Behavior detection / Self learning

Matters of substance
Time / Privacy / Data Transmission / Battery

Knowledge Studio

It provides an more effective method
of developing knowledge model.

What's The Knowledge Studio?